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Australia will pay for damages at Games Village

Sydney/New Delhi: The Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) has regretted one of its athlete’s indecent behaviour a few days back and has agreed to pay for the damage caused at the GamesVillage in a rowdy incident after Games closure, Lalit Bhanot, Commonwealth Games Organising Committee secretary general, said on Friday. In a statement Bhanot said: “The media reports regarding Australian celebrations at the Athletes’ Village ... Read More »

All 33 miners rescued from Chile mine

Luis Urzua, the last of the 33 Chilean miners, was brought to the surface today, ending the amazing rescue at the San Jose mine. The foreman who held the group together when they were feared lost was the last man out. Luis Alberto Urzua was hoisted to safety in a joyous climax to a flawless rescue that captivated the world ... Read More »

Illegal drugs in many herbal weight-loss supplements

While herbal weight-loss supplements may bring the promise of shedding pounds using “natural” products, a new study shows that many are laden with pharmaceutical agents (lab-made drugs) — some of which are illegal. The researchers analyzed 81 weight-loss products that had been taken by 66 patients who had come in to the hospital for treatment for poisoning. One of the ... Read More »

European wines are flavour of the month once again

After a decade of falling sales, European wines are staging a comeback against the full-bodied fruity blockbusters from Australia and America. British drinkers bought an extra 20 million bottles of chablis, chianti and rioja and other styles from the leading “Old World” countries while the two New World superpowers lost market share, market research reveals. Growth has been particularly strong ... Read More »

JAPAN: Ezaki Glico builds biscuits, chocolate plant

Japanese snacks manufacturer Ezaki Glico is building a biscuits and confectionery plant to serve Tokyo and surrounding markets. The plant, which is scheduled to start operations in spring 2012, is based in the city of Kitamoto in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture and will supply Greater Tokyo and seven nearby prefectures. Occupying a total area of 118,000 square metres, the factory would ... Read More »

New mammal found in Madagascar

British wildlife conservationists say they’ve identified a new carnivorous mammal species in Madagascar in the wetlands of the country’s largest lake. A team from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has named the mongoose-like creature Durrel’s vonstira after Gerald Durrell, the trust’s founder, the BBC reported. With its marshy home under threat from invasive species and pollution, team members say the ... Read More »

New Strong-Handed Dinosaur May Shatter Assumptions

Fossils of an intriguing new species with a powerful hand may reveal an edgier side of some supposedly peaceful, plant-munching dinosaurs, a new study says. The discovery of Sarahsaurus aurifontanalis, which roamed North America about 190 million years ago, also boosts the idea that at least some dinosaurs became masters of their domain less by dominance than by opportunistic behavior and a ... Read More »