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New kit may detect malaria in secs, for just Rs 10

KOLKATA: Detection of common mosquito-borne disease malaria could become cheaper and take just ‘seconds’ with a new portable device, the handiwork of researchers from two Kolkata institutes. A team of researchers from Institute of Engineering and Management in collaboration with Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, claim to have developed a mobile, low-cost malaria detection system, which can ... Read More »

Chennai: Take a minute, change a life, to prevent suicides

Findings say that higher proportions of attempters come from nuclear families or small peer group. Chennai: Chennai, which is now the medical capital of the country with advanced technologies and medical facilities, ranks topmost among cities with highest number of suicides. These statistics reveal lack of mental health facilities and awareness on suicide, which is a major social and public ... Read More »

New antibody fights cancer in dogs

Scientists have developed an antibody that significantly suppresses malignant tumours in dogs. Researchers from Hokkaido University in Japan developed c4G12, a “chimeric anti-PD-L1 antibody”, that induces immune responses and therefore tumour regression in dogs with malignant cancers. A pilot clinical study was performed on seven dogs with oral malignant melanoma. One of the dogs showed obvious tumour regression after 10 ... Read More »

L-G tells govt to mechanise cleaning of sewers, drains

Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal on Monday gave authorities 15 days to formulate a plan to fully mechanise the process of cleaning sewers and drains. Mr. Baijal gave the directions during a high-level meeting on the recent deaths of workers, while they were cleaning sewers in the Capital. The L-G also told government departments to institute a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for ... Read More »

Mystery of how first animals appeared on Earth ‘solved’

MELBOURNE: Scientists have solved the mystery of how the first animals appeared on Earth, a pivotal moment for the planet without which humans would not exist. Researchers led by The Australian National University (ANU) analysed ancient sedimentary rocks from central Australia, finding that the evolution of animals began with the rise of algae 650 million years ago. “We crushed these ... Read More »

Gorakhpur deaths: Why is encephalitis so deadly for children?

What killed children at Gorakhpur? While the jury is out on whether it was callousness, negligence or disease, there’s no getting away from the fact that those children would be alive if they did not have encephalitis. Encephalitis is the swelling in the brain that leads to sudden high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, coma, seizures, spastic paralysis and, finally, ... Read More »