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Tiny craters, big impact: The moon’s surface may be more dynamic than once thought

If every scar has a story, the moon has quite the tale to tell. Scientists using cameras onboard NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter have found 222 new craters — and discovered striking blast patterns caused by the shrapnel flung out from such violent impacts. The findings, described in the journal Nature, could help researchers better pinpoint the ages of younger surfaces ... Read More »

NASA created Martian Gardens with Hawaiian soil

One of the main issues astronauts face once in a mission in outer space is the availability of food for the crew. Being able to grow vegetables in the Martian landscape would represent a significant solution to this issue. NASA is using advances in science to learn how to increase plant production in extreme conditions to supplement astronauts’ diets, and ... Read More »

Dry tropical forests ‘overlooked and under threat’

Tropical dry forests are among the most threatened habitats on the planet, yet remain overlooked by scientists and conservationists, warn researchers. Despite being home to many species found nowhere else on the planet, few forests are protected, a study shows. The extent of these valuable biological hotspots is just 10% of its historical range, as the biome’s fertile soil make ... Read More »

Ig Nobel win for Alpine ‘goat man’

A British man who lived in the Alps as a goat for three days has won one of this year’s Ig Nobel prizes. Tom Thwaites had special prostheses made so he could walk like an animal. The spoof awards, which are not quite as famous as the real Nobels, were handed out during their annual ceremony at Harvard University, US. ... Read More »

World’s Youngest Programmer Is Only 7, Aims To Be Next ‘Bill Gates’

London:  Setting an unprecedented record, a seven-year-old British boy of Pakistani origin has become the world’s youngest computer programmer. Muhammad Hamza Shahzad, resident of Handsworth area in Birmingham has been trained by his father Asim, who works with an American IT firm. “I want to be Bill Gates,” he told ‘Birmingham Mail’ this week. This is not the first time ... Read More »

Five museums from India among top 25 in Asia: Report

Leh’s ‘Hall of Fame’ has topped the India list as a “must-visit” place by travellers in a survey. Five Indian museums feature among the best 25 in Asia while Leh’s ‘Hall of Fame’ has topped the India list as a “must-visit” place by travellers in a survey. The other top four most rated museums of India are — Bagore Ki ... Read More »

Indian-American scientist bags innovation award worth $500,000

Ramesh Raskar honoured for mentoring young people in technology An Indian-origin scientist has bagged the prestigious Lemelson–MIT Prize worth $500,000 for his groundbreaking work to improve lives globally. Nasik-born Ramesh Raskar, 46, is founder of the Camera Culture research group at the MIT Media Lab and an Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences. “Raskar is the winner of the ... Read More »

IIT-B’s feat: Mumbai’s first satellite to lift off on September 26

MUMBAI: IIT Bombay’s first student satellite, Pratham, will be launched on September 26 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The nearly-10kg Pratham, which is also Mumbai’s first satellite, will launch aboard the highly-proven Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) at 9.30 am. Pratham’s main role will be to measure what is known as the total electron count in the ionosphere. ... Read More »