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Home » Entertainment » Bipasha Basu reveals why she does not mind men making a pass at her
Bipasha Basu reveals why she does not mind men making a pass at her

Bipasha Basu reveals why she does not mind men making a pass at her

bipasha_basu_1364368437_540x540No, it’s not that Bipasha likes men to make a pass at her, but it doesn’t bother her as she can hardly. You must be wondering what this means, right? Well, I thought I knew Bipasha reasonably well till I met her a few days back. After what she revealed to me, I died laughing, but I decided to write it out so that her fans too, could know that mad side to Bipasha that I did not know of till then. Excerpts from my conversation with the totally mad, but very sporting and fun Bipasha.

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“It’s not just my blonde hair colour that makes my friends think that I am blonde. It’s also the blonde streak in me, which makes them feel like that. In 24 hours, I keep my brain on only for 8 hours. And during that 8 hours, I keep my brain fully on and focused to my work. But after 8 hours, I reserve my brain and put it onto sleep mode. And that’s the time I go socialising with my friends and make all the blunders and say a lot of rubbish. Actually, besides work, all my sides are blonde. People think I am intelligent, but I am only in those 8 hours.

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And you have obviously guessed by now that I am meeting you when my brain is on sleep mode. And the Bipasha you are seeing is what my friends see. Anyways, I love talking about my defects. So let me start with my eyes. So my eyes have a minus 3.5 number, which means that without glasses, I can hardly see, but I am stubborn about neither wearing glasses nor lenses, so you can imagine what happens. When I see people approaching me, I can only see a fuzzy figure. Slowly slowly, I can see people come into focus. If I know them, then I know their outline. I recognise people basis their form and not because of their facial features. Facial features come into prominence only when they are very close to me. Even when I shoot, I measure my distance. I walk up to my mark, count steps and walk back. That’s how I function. Every co-star of mine has some blind jokes for me. I also have selective memory, that too, it lasts for only three months. I keep erasing the rest.

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Can you imagine what must be happening with me being blind as a bat and on top, having selective memory? In a party, it’s very difficult for me. Earlier, people thought I am snooty, as I would just walk past people without wishing them. Actually, I was doing that as I couldn’t see them, while they thought I was being snooty. But now, I have figured it out. I keep a really silly smile on my face so that nobody should think that I am ignoring them. Recently, I went for an 11-day holiday with my best friend Deanne Panday. But this was the first time I was travelling without my manager Tanuja, who points out clearly in the direction she wants me to go or see, as she knows that basically, I am blind. Now, I cannot see anything at the airport, be it the counters or the security or where to go for my flight. Of course, I have a pair of glasses ready in my purse, but I don’t use them ever. The good thing is that I am friendly and will figure my way. Yesterday, one guy meets me at the gym from far and says, ‘Hello ma’am. How are you?’ So, first and foremost, I had to walk right close to him to even see who he was. He says, ‘Remember me?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘You have met me so many times with John. I am Sunil Bulaboy, his dentist.’ I said, ‘Oh, hello. How are you?’ He understood from my face that I could not place him and again said, ‘You don’t remember me?’ I went back to him after some time and said, ‘By the way, who is John?’ What to do, I told him, I have selective memory. He was in splits.

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My director of ‘Alone’, Bhushan Patel, and my friend and co-star Karan Singh Grover went mad while shooting with me. One day, I was sitting and thinking. Now, when I think, I have the habit of tapping my left eyelid. If I am thinking fast, I tap it faster. It’s a bit animated, but that’s the way I think. So, they found me tapping my eyelid and asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘I am thinking.’ Next day, I had eye allergy in my right eye, so I was scratching my right eyelid. So, they are asking me, ‘Oh you are thinking?’ I said, ‘No, I am scratching my eye.’ So, they have now decided, left eye tapping means thinking, right eye tapping is scratching. They think I am very goofy. I have been colouring my hair since I was 18. I love to cut and change the colour of my hair all the time. I have strong Bengali hair, so I can do a lot to it. I really abuse it, but it is supporting me very well. I am allergic to soya, mushroom, vitamin C, broccoli, dates, cashewnuts and walnuts. I have such big ugly feet that I want to sue my parents legally for it. My whole thing growing up was that I will figure out a lawyer why my parents married each other. At least one of the parents should have good feet so that the chances of the kid having good feet is better. When two dirty feet like that get married, what will be the result? So, I have now got used to everyone looking at me in a certain way from top to down, but the moment they reach my feet, they say, ‘Yeh kya hai?’ Well, but I am quite entertaining and that’s why I make so many friends. I love to talk about all my flaws. Bas, so these are my defects and if someone accepts me for all this, then he will be my soulmate.”

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