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Home » News » Bhopal gas tragedy victims claim hospital set up for them is on the verge of closure

Bhopal gas tragedy victims claim hospital set up for them is on the verge of closure

The victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy and their families are back on a protest. They claim that the Bhopal Memorial Hospital, specially set up for the victims, is on the verge of closure. The hospital built to take care of the victims of the 1984 gas tragedy is itself in the need of rescue.

In 2010, following a CNN-IBN report, which showed administrative apathy, the union government took over the Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research centre. The victims of the gas leak rejoiced then, but things have got worse since.

Activist Abdul Jabbar said, “When the hospital was taken over, we thought things would change. But things have actually gone from bad to worse. The Indian Council for Medical Research wants to remote control the hospital from Delhi, but there has to be some administration in Bhopal. We demand immediate intervention.”

One by one, departments in the hospital are closing – Pulmonary Medicine and Onco-Surgery have shut. MRI and DSA machines aren’t working, and there’s just one doctor in the Department of Psychiatry, all because doctors have begun leaving.

“The doctors are leaving the hospital because they are not allowed to treat private patients inside the hospital now. Earlier, they made huge money by treating private patients and ever since that was stopped they have started leaving. We demand immediate intervention,” Sabina Bi, one of the victims said. Clearly with the change in control, a new set of problems have replaced the earlier ones, and the hospital itself appears to be dying a slow death.

Source : IBN Live