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Home » Entertainment » Best not to enter politics now: Kamal Haasan
Best not to enter politics now: Kamal Haasan

Best not to enter politics now: Kamal Haasan

CHENNAI: A week after actor Rajinikanth made a hard-hitting political speech, fellow veteran Kamal Haasan said on Friday anyone who feels for Tamils can rule the state.

Kamal’s comment follows outrage expressed by some fringe outfits against Rajinikanth’s possible entry into politics.

Kamal said it was best not to enter politics, considering the state of politics today. Speaking to reporters at an event here, he said, “Politics is about service and not about earning money. We must raise the salary for politicians and ask them to serve us well. But if you ask them to take it up as an act of sacrifice, they will use the opportunity in other ways.”

Referring to Rajinikanth’s remarks that the system is corrupt, Kamal said, “There is nothing wrong in what Rajinikanth said. The view is not new either.”

Taking a dig at actor Aamir Khan, Kamal said he was a responsible Indian who paid his taxes. The actor, who is set to host a TV show for the first time, was asked by reporters why he did not host `Satyamev Jayate’. “I have been more socially responsible than the person who did the show,” Kamal said, referring to Aamir Khan.

Source: TOI

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