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BeepSong Controversy: TR files complaint at Cyber Crime

BeepSong Controversy: TR files complaint at Cyber Crime

After Anirudh claimed that he was not responsible for the composition or lyrics of the controversial Beep song, STR too has claimed the same. In a complaint filed at the Cyber Crime by STR’s father, T Rajender, he has stated that STR has no connection to the song. The statement also says that STR is not in town and that the complaint has been filed on his behalf.

Excerpts from the complaint, “The music track which was uploaded in the YouTube and circulated widely is a rough composed song with dummy words without proper lyrics along with some interpolated words which were not used by my son or the composer at the time of composing the said music. The said music was actually composed by music director Anirudh as a rough one and subsequently deserted. I respectfully submit that the said music or track had not been utilized in any of the films or private albums or properly recorded in a manner as the same has to be recorded as a song. Similarly the said music track had never been officially released either by my son or by the composer”.

He added, “I further submit that in the said content containing interpolated words which was not used by the Music Director or sang by my song. I reliably understand that some unscrupulous mischievous third person who may be connected with the Music industry or Film industry had stolen the said content, illegaly taken away the deserted composition of the Music and added the interpolated words with ulterior motive to defame my son’s name, image and reputation with the public and with his fans uploaded the same in You-Tube and circulated widely through Whatsup. In view of the said illegal publication of the said track my son’s name and image is affected and he is undergoing untold suffering and loss of reputation.”


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