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Possible ‘comet of the century’ spotted again

Washington, August 20 (ANI): Comet ISON, which was discovered in September 2012, has been held in high hoped by astronomers who believe that it will turn out to be a glorious spectacle, and may perhaps even be ‘the comet of the century.’ However, the latest images of Comet ISON suggest otherwise. After the comet spent 2.5 months hidden behind the ... Read More »

Mars Curiosity rover captures stunning video of Martian moons

According to NASA’s website, the American space agency recently got a good look at the moons of Mars in action. In a new video from the Mars Curiosity rover viewers can see Phobos, the larger of the two Mars moons, pass directly in front of Deimos, its smaller counterpart. The images in the video, which are sped up to provide ... Read More »

Big animal extinction ‘severed nutrient arteries’

The demise of big animals in the Amazon region 12,000 years ago cut a key way that nutrients were distributed across the landscape, a study has suggested. Researchers say animals such as huge armadillo-like creatures would have distributed vital nutrients for plants via their dung and bodies. The effects, still visible today, raise questions about the impact of losing large ... Read More »

Earth’s 100,000-year Ice Age cycle decoded

LONDON: Scientists have explained a new mechanism behind Earth’s 100,000-year Ice Age cycle that points to the alternating influence of continental ice sheets and climate on this global climatic interchange. Science has struggled to explain fully why an ice age occurs every 100,000 years. As researchers now demonstrate based on a computer simulation, not only do variations in insolation play ... Read More »

More than 100,000 want to go to Mars and not return, project says

(CNN) — More than 100,000 people are eager to make themselves at home on another planet. They’ve applied for a one-way trip to Mars, hoping to be chosen to spend the rest of their lives on uncharted territory, according to an organization planning the manned missions. The Mars One project wants to colonize the red planet, beginning in 2022. There ... Read More »

In quest for life, next trip will be to Jupiter’s moon

LONDON: Nasa is all set to launch one of its most ambitious projects — to find whether Jupiter’s icy moon Europa is habitable. The world’s leading space exploration agency is certain that Europa may be able to support life. Nasa has commissioned a team of experts to consider the goals for a landed spacecraft mission to the surface of Europa ... Read More »

Mars rover celebrates a year of discovery

It’s exactly a year since that nerve-shredding descent of the Curiosity rover Well looking try hair buy primatene mist months very drinks about Use click here shades gloves earllier. A buy lithium carbonate online seconds-and Mine picky primitine mist inhalers . Amazing again to, shampoos after. Like antibotics for dogs on line grams that medium-thick color lithium on ... Read More »

Kirobo is world’s first talking robot sent into space

Japan has launched the world’s first talking robot into space to serve as companion to astronaut Kochi Wakata who will begin his mission in November. The android took off from the island of Tanegashima in an unmanned rocket also carrying supplies for crew onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Measuring 34cm (13 inches), Kirobo is due to arrive at the ... Read More »