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In a first, two civilian ships to support Mars orbiter launch

BANGALORE: For the first time in the history of India’s space flights, two civilian ships will play a supporting role in India’s forthcoming flight to Mars designated as the Mars Orbiter Mission. The launch is slated for lift-off between October 21 and November 19 from Sriharikota. On Wednesday, the 1,350 kg Mars Orbiter spacecraft with the five payloads was unveiled ... Read More »

Space Cadets line up for one-way Mars trip

Washington: More than 200,000 people from 140 countries have applied to go to Mars and never return, the group behind an ambitious venture to colonize the inhospitable red planet said on Monday. Bas Lansdorp, a Dutch engineer and entrepreneur, plans to establish a permanent base on Mars in a mission he hopes will take off in 2022 if he can ... Read More »

Breathing Earth Seen From Space, CO2 Levels Still Rising

A new report says satellite observations have shown that carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has continued to increase, despite global efforts to curb emissions. Ten years of data taken from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Envisat mission and Japan’s Greenhouse gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT) show that carbon dioxide increased by about 0.5 percent every year between 2003 and 2013. The ... Read More »

Indians who’ve signed up for the one-way trip to Mars

They are all happy people, beaming with enthusiasm and the spirit of exploration. Not sad, not suicidal, as many think the applicants to the ONE-WAY trip to Mars would be. The proposed expedition, organised by an international space research organisation, Mars One, invited entries from across the world, and among the 1,65,000 hopefuls were thousands of Indians. We circled in ... Read More »

Scientists recreate Big Bang in lab

Scientists have successfully simulated the radiation created by the Big Bang – in just ten milliseconds – in a lab, to better understand how structure evolved in the early universe. Physicists at the University of Chicago reproduced a pattern resembling the cosmic microwave background radiation using ultracold cesium atoms in a vacuum chamber. “This is the first time an experiment ... Read More »

Bangalore science museum can do better

BANGALORE: The recent Edinburgh International Science Festival in the city that drew children in droves showed how much fun the subject can be. The city”s landmark Sir M Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum on Kasturba Road also pretty much strives to do the same. But space crunch and upkeep woes are a damper at the museum, which has a million ... Read More »

​Incredulous Ludhiana ponders Mars Mission

LUDHIANA: For all the exotic locations city residents like to holiday in, they are yet to let the idea of a Martian settlement sink in. “A trip to Mars? sounds like one of those impractical but interesting Hollywood movies,” said 21-year-old Upasana Khullar from Civil Lines. As many as 8,107 Indians signed the Mars 1 project but it has somehow, ... Read More »

China sets course for lunar landing this year

(CNN) — China set a bold new course in its ambitious space program Wednesday, when it announced plans to land its first probe on the moon by the end of the year. Timeline: China’s race into space The country’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence told state media the Chang’e-3 lunar probe had officially entered its ... Read More »