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PSLV launch: Asteroid-hunter, smartphone on board satellites

Carrying an ocean monitor, an asteroid-hunter and an android smartphone among the seven satellites on board, India”s trusted rocket, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)-C20, lifted off from Sriharikota in yet another successful mission. The rocket took off from ISRO”s Satish Dhawan Space Centre on Monday evening, with President Pranab Mukherjee among those watching the launch from the space station. ... Read More »

PSLV C-20 launch today

Indian Space Research Organisation chairman K Radhakrishnan reached Sriharikota in Nellore district on Sunday to  inspect the arrangements for the launch of PSLV C-20 rocket from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at SHAR on Monday. The 59-hour countdown for the launch of the rocket, which will place seven satellites into orbit, from the First Launch Pad (FLP) began on Saturday ... Read More »

Who’s The First Tourist to Visit Mars?

A super rich businessman is all set to plan a trip to Mars! The first tourist mission best computer software to Mars is being planned for 2018 and a multi-millionaire tycoon Dennis Tito; who is also a lover of astronomy, is all set to privately fund his trip to Earth’s neighbor. The expedition is being set up by Dennis Tito’s ... Read More »

Tiniest planet ever discovered outside our solar system

NASA has discovered the smallest known planet outside our solar system which is slightly larger than the Moon and orbits its Sun like host star every 13 days. NASA’s Kepler space telescope detected the smallest planet yet found around a star similar to the Sun in a new planetary system. The planets are located in a system called Kepler-37, about ... Read More »

Astronomers discover new mini planet beyond Earth's solar system

Zeenews Bureau Cape Canaveral: Astronomers from NASA’s Kepler project have discovered a mini planet which is the smallest known world outside our solar system. The planet is the innermost of three circling a yellow star similar to the sun and is named Kepler-37. Thomas Barclay, who works with NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, was quoted as telling ... Read More »

NASA Releases Video of Asteroid Flyby (VIDEO)

NASA has released a video of the asteroid that flew by Earth over the weekend and came closer to the planet that some communication satellites. The footage was recorded by a combination of radar observations by NASA Deep Space Network radio antenna located in Goldstone, California. The antenna recorded 72 images of the 2012 DA14 asteroid, which was 74,000 miles ... Read More »

Nicolaus Copernicus honoured by a Google doodle

Zeenews Bureau Mountain View (California): Continuing with its much feted trend, search giant Google on Tuesday came up a classy doodle to pay tribute to legendary astronomer Nicolas Copernicus on his 540th birthday. Copernicus is famously known for his theory that corrected the misconception of Earth being at the centre of the universe.The doodle depicts a heliocentric astronomical model with ... Read More »

Russian Meteor: Chelyabinsk Cleaning Up After Meteor Blast

A day after a massive meteor exploded over this city in central Russia, a monumental cleanup effort is under way. Authorities have deployed around 24,000 troops and emergencies responders to help in the effort. Officials say more than a million square feet of windows — the size of about 20 football fields — were shattered by the shockwave from the ... Read More »