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Audi TT Coupe Launched

The 2012-13 Budget has certainly caused quite a bit of a stir amongst car manufacturers in India making it that much harder for luxury and sports car manufacturers the likes of Audi to run a profitable business going into the new financial year.

That said, Audi has over the past year or so worked hard at establishing itself as one of the country’s front-runners in the sports car segment with the launch of fabulous products like the R8 Coupe, the R8 Spyder and the RS5. Looking to keep that momentum strong going into the new fiscal year the German luxury car maker has just launched its globally successful TT Coupe here in India.

Powered by a 2.0 TFSI engine that churns out 214PS @ 6,000rpm of power and 350Nm @ 1,600rpm of torque, the TT can touch a speed of 100km/h in just 5.6 seconds, the TT Coupe is currently in its second generation worldwide and has had built a rather praise worthy reputation for itself over since being introduced in 2006. The Coupe has grown by nearly two centimetres and now measures 4.18m in length, 1.84m in width and  height of 1.35m. The wheelbase now measures 2.46m. The quattro permanent all-wheel drive system is standard for the 2.0 TFSI with the S-tronic.

Speaking of the TT’s launch Audi India Head Michael Perschke said, “Dynamic design, enthralling performance and exemplary efficiency – the Audi TT Coupé is an embodiment of a sports car which perfectly characterises the core essence of our brand DNA, ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’. The design icon already sports a fascinating and dynamic appearance and has now been revised to be even more expressive. This high performance sports coupé is targeted at individuals who are dynamic and distinct and ones who aim to seek a sense of freedom.”

Early this week, Audi India has raised prices of its entire range of products in India by up to 14 per cent due to hike in excise and customs duties in the Budget. The price of the new Audi TT Coupe has been re-worked based on the same criteria and will now sell for Rs 48.36 lakh (ex-showroom, Maharashtra).

The company will start selling the car from June this year and it will be brought in as a completely built unit (CBU). Audi expects to sell over 50 units of the TT Coupe in the next year, and are very hopeful of selling as many as 25-35 units of the 2+2 seater sports coupe model in 2012 itself.

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