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Audi launches the 2012 A4 in India

In a surprise move Audi has launched the updated A4 ahead of schedule and it’s cheaper than the outgoing model. The previous A4 has been the best selling model in its segment, despite being at the end of its life cycle. Eager to ride the wave Audi have released the new model to cater to the customer demand.

We have already driven the new A4 in Lisbon so we won’t go into details except to say this is a subtle makeover with new LED head and tail lamps, new grille with chamfered edges and slight reworking of some of the body panels. It’s fresh looking but still very much an A4.

The car will be offered with three engine options; the 1.8TFSI, the 2.0TDI and the 3.0TDI. While the 2-litre diesel makes the same 143PS and 320Nm of torque, the 1.8 petrol now produces an extra 10PS for a total of 170PS while peak torque has risen by 70Nm (250Nm earlier) and comes in earlier at 1400-3700rpm as compared to the previous range of 1500-4500rpm.

The 3-litre six-cylinder diesel also gets a bump up of 5PS to 245PS while the 500Nm of torque is delivered slightly lower and longer in the rev range (1500-3000rpm, 1400-3250rpm).

The two four-cylinder engine variants will be driven through the front wheels while the 3.0TDI gets Audi’s new gen quattro with a self locking centre differential and torque vectoring.

The prices start at Rs 27.33 lakh for the 1.8TFSI, Rs 29.38 lakh for the 2.0TDI and Rs 38 lakh for the 3.0TDI. All prices ex-Maharashtra.

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