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Home » News » At 495 gm, she could be India’s smallest baby

At 495 gm, she could be India’s smallest baby

At 495 gm birth weight, Sayalee is perhaps the smallest baby that survived, in the country. Shaila Pawar, 36, a resident of Kasare village in Parner taluk, who delivered after 13 unsuccessful pregnancies, finally took her four-month-old baby home.

“She weighs 2.4 kg now… Earlier, I had three abortions besides three intra-uterine deaths,” says Pawar who suffered severe pregnancy-induced hypertension during the earlier pregnancies. Born premature at 27 weeks of pregnancy (against the normal duration of 40 weeks) on October 2, Sayalee required artificial breathing support to regularise her breathing. “We stay in a remote location and it is still a distance to travel to the Narayangaon hospital,” says Laxman Pawar, the father is a teacher in the village.

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