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Angry Birds now invade Facebook

Seattle: Those having a Facebook account can play the world famous Angry Birds game on the social networking site.

The game has been downloaded about 500 million times and has just been launched as a free version on the site.

In the game, players use catapults to fire infuriated birds at pigs hiding inside buildings made of planks.

The Facebook game, however, allows users to pay for extra birds and other in-game extras.

According to reports, the website game is similar to the iPhone app. The only difference is players have to use a mouse to sling birds across the game’s landscapes rather than a finger.

Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of game-making company Rovio, said he hoped up to 40 percent of Facebook users would pay for in-game extras.

Rovio has never spent any money on advertising or marketing Angry Birds, the report said.

It had made 50 failed games before Angry Birds. The company also sells a million Angry Birds toys and a same number of T-shirts every month.

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