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Always Kabhi Kabhi – Movie review

Always Kabhi Kabhi is a teen film; at least it intended to be.  Yet another movie with a huge potential, and good enough cast too, but sadly doesn’t live up to expectations.

The film is set in the atypical college campus of Hindi films, where girls wear teeny-weeny skirts as part of their uniform and their hair is flying all over the place.

A gang of four friends, all grappling with typical teen issues. Nandini aka nandi bull (Zoya) gets no attention from her working parents, Aishwarya (Giselle) is being forced into modeling and stardom by her mother, Tariq (Satyajeet) reeling under tremendous pressure from his father to join MIT and Sameer Khanna (Ali) has a super strict father, who never listens to him, and to top it he is blackmailed by two local cops.

The debut direction by Roshan Abbas leaves a lot to be desired. Even when the opening credits are being shown, you kind of cringe because it involves two red hearts, which is as outdated as hmm… Romeo and Juliet.
The script seems confused about which issue to focus on and ends up jumbling up everything. What should have been a racy, fun film meanders too much, and once in a while, picks up and then drops again.

Even though the movie is an attempt to reflect the lives of today’s youngsters, with a generous dose of social networking sites, hacking, short forms etc. thrown in, the script in itself seems a bit outdated and stale.
The young cast however, is fresh and endearing.

Must make a special mention of Ali who is a natural and Zoya, who in spite of this being her debut performance, comes across as a competent actress. Giselle is good eye candy but lacks acting abilities and Satyajeet is okay. It’s sad that filmmakers still pass off feeding laxatives and compose tablets to unsuspecting people as comedy.

The predictable bunch of stars of every campus movie in Hindi – Satish Shah, Lilette Dubey etc. are also part of this movie.

The issues don’t touch you and at one point you really don’t give a damn about how they are dealing with them really. The climax is pretty juvenile, as the youngsters turn great Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet into their own version where they get to rave and rant about their problems.

Shah Rukh’s item song comes at the fag end of the film, but by then it is too late to do anything about this film. A good opportunity wasted.

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