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Home » Entertainment » Actor Rajinikanth says political system rotten, asks fans to be war-ready
Actor Rajinikanth says political system rotten, asks fans to be war-ready

Actor Rajinikanth says political system rotten, asks fans to be war-ready

CHENNAI: Actor Rajinikanth, in a speech loaded with political content, asked his fans to be prepared “when the war comes” because when people are disillusioned with ‘the system’, it needs a clean-up. It was the second time the megastar addressed his fans within a week, who were ecstatic at his pronouncement on Friday .

On May 14, Rajini had said, “I am a mere tool. I serve as an actor today . Whatever role God gives me tomorrow, I will stay true to that,”Rajini had said.

Though critical of the system, Rajinikanth praised politicians like DMK’s working president, M K Stalin, who he called an able administrator, and PMK chief Anbumani Ramadoss, among others.

While Rajini fans were euphoric, some in the film industry and political circles said all this was posturing and that the actor may keep away from politics like his role model, the late Kannada actor Rajkumar.

Rajini, 66, said, “Cho Ramaswamy (late editor of Tughlak) used to say that Stalin will function well if given a free hand. But he is not being given a free hand. Anbumani Ramadoss has travelled the world and has a vision. Thirumavalavan (VCK leader) is working for Dalits. Seeman (Naam Tamizhar Katchi leader) is a fighter. I have been amazed by some of his speeches,” despite the fact that many of them have criticized him and his political aspirations in the past.

“There are some national parties too (doing good),” Rajini continued, “but the system has become rotten. People have lost faith in democracy here. So we have to change the system. We have to change the thinking of people. Only then will the country prosper,” the megastar said.

RSS ideologue and Tughlak editor S Gurumurthy said that that the actor had made his intent to enter politics clear. “The text is ready . It now awaits a proper context.It’s a matter of time,” said Gurumurthy , also believed to be one of Rajinikanth’s advisers.

The big question, Gurumurthy said, was whether murthy said, was whether the actor would opt for BJP or float his own party , if and when he decided to take the plunge. “I don’t think he will join the BJP,” he said.

BJP state president Tamilisai Soundararajan, too, denied any direct talks with the actor. “Officially, we have not approached him. He has said he will act according to God’s will,” she said.

Rajini flaunted his love for Tamil Nadu. Taking on detractors who point out his Kannada origin, Rajinikanth said, “I spent only the first 23 years of my life in Karnataka. For the last 44 years I have grown up with you. With your love and support, you made me a Tamizhan,”he said.

“So, I’m a Pachchai Tamizhan. My ancestors, including my father, are from Tamil Nadu. If you throw me out of Tamil Nadu, I will land in the Himalayas, not in any other state. If I can’t be with the Tamil people on this earth, I would rather be with the siddhars (saints) in the Himalayas,”he added.

Source: TOI

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