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Abhayam movie Review

Director Krishnavamsi, a name to reckon with in Andhra Pradesh made Danger. The Tamil version of the movie titled Abhayam hits the screens this week-end. It stars Allari Naresh, Sherin and Swathi in key roles.A thriller it has no songs but quick turn of events. Check out the Tamil Movie Review– Abhayam

Karthik (Sairam), Satya (Naresh), Abhishek (Ali),Lakshmi (Swathi) and Sherin (Radhika) are friends. They plan to go for a party to celebrate Lakshmi getting ready for her wedding.

The car in which they travel hits a police vehicle. Out of fear, the friends leave the place without helping the police.

Their car is traced to a farm house where they party. They run from there and seek refuge in a forest. There they witness a politician killing an infant as his offering to God. He soells his desire to become CM . The groups of friend’s video graph it. On spotting them, the politician and his team chase them. Now the cat and mouse game begins.The friends witness lots of troubles. What happens in the end forms the story.

Allari naresh and Swathi , who acted in Porali, plays well. They both hog all limelight. Not far behind is Sherin. The cute actress oozes right expressions and emotions. Three cheers to Sherin and welcome her to Kollywood with glee. She gets a meaty role and she does use it well. In the second half, she gets her act right indeed.

It’s intelligent screenplay by Krishnavamsi. He blends technology. MMS, video transfer well. The dialogues are ok in Tamil version. The quick unfolding of events and thrills in the jungle are catchy. However a deja vu ride prevails in the second half. Abhayam is a curate’s egg.
Mark 2.5 / 5

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