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Home » Entertainment » Aamir Khan celebrates a rather special birthday

Aamir Khan celebrates a rather special birthday

Everyone in the Khan household is rather excited about actor Aamir Khan’s birthday today, including wife filmmaker Kiran Rao. And though the star has work on his mind, sources close to him reveal that it’s all the more special this time around as he celebrates his birthday with son Azad.

According to sources, the actor will be spending the early part of the day with family, especially Azad, before getting back to working on his show and other work-related meetings in the day. The actor however is also expected to step out for a while to cut cake with his fans, who always gather around his house on the day.

According to a source, initially there were plans of taking a break for birthday and heading to their Panchgani bungalow with family. However, the fire that broke out on the sets of his TV show in Malad in January threw the schedule off gear. “The fire threw the schedule of his TV debut show off the track, but Aamir made the most of the 10-day break by being a hands-on dad to Azad. Even now whatever time he gets to spend home, he’s seen playing around with his son. But today, he will probably be spending most part of his day working. Though he’s tempted to spend the day home with Azad instead,” informs a source.

The actor, who will soon be seen making his TV debut is said to be neck-deep in the project and whenever not working on his show, is busy working on the marketing of his upcoming film Talaash. An insider however doesn’t rule out plans of a private dinner party later in the night. Apparently, Kiran, who’s known to be a fab cook has made lavish dinner plans and apart from family, several of Aamir’s close friends from the industry including Rani Mukerji have been invited for the sit-down dinner.


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