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Aamir is back in the news with reality

Aamir’s Khan’s debut on television Satyamev Jayate has managed to hit the right chord with the viewers. The fact that its official website crashed immediately after the first episode on female foeticide owing to the large number of hits proves that. 

The actor not only ensured that the audience remained glued to television for more than an hour on Sunday mornings but also received instant response.

The issues of female foeticide and child sexual abuse – are not new to the country and Aamir is the right choice because he has time and again raised his voice for issues concerning the common man.

For his television debut too, he chose to come with a show based on hard-hitting reality. The two episodes have undoubtedly been a hit but is it because of Aamir’s presence or the issues that he has touched? Known for giving more than 100 per cent, how does Aamir fare as an anchor? Metrolife spoke to some people to get their views.

Kamya Bhagat, a school teacher, finds Aamir a ‘super-duper hit’ as a host largely because of picking up the issues that every common man can relate to. “Aamir is very versatile. Till now whatever he has done is up to the mark. He is equally good and natural in his television show also. Had any other actor been doing anchoring in the same emotional manner, I am not sure if it would have been liked. But it suits Aamir because he has always been vocal on issues through films too,” she says.

Irrespective of age and gender bar, people are supporting the causes and appreciating Aamir, for unlike other Hindi film stars, he has chosen to associate himself with not just any entertainment-based reality show even though the concept is not that novel. Shekhar Tandon, sales manager in JVC says his performance as an anchor is not great as one would have expected from Aamir Khan but that doesn’t matter because the concept is good and for a cause. “We have had such shows before also but it certainly makes a difference when Aamir speaks on the same subjects. Everybody wants to see it and actually saw it because of Aamir.
“As an anchor he is good but not brilliant. I had much higher expectations from him,” he adds.

Citing examples of the kind of off and on screen roles of Aamir lately, people are also unanimous that this kind of show would not have suited any other actor except him, not even Amitabh Bachchan.

It would not be wrong to say that the USP of the show is Aamir more than the content and that is the way it was promoted before it went on air. “Anchoring KBC would not suit him. In fact, among the big stars, Aamir is the best person to anchor a show like this. He has done issue-based films which have logic and the show follows the thought progression,” says Nitin Bhojwani, a realtor.

Sachin Oberoi, a governm­e­nt employee, seconds Nitin, “It suits his reel and real personality. It’s not easy for people to come and speak publicly about their plight and it’s not easy either to interact gracefully with victims. But Aamir is doing it well as he genuinely feels for issues and victims.”

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