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Home » Internet » A tribute to Volta on his 270th Birthday Google Doodle
A tribute to Volta on his 270th Birthday Google Doodle

A tribute to Volta on his 270th Birthday Google Doodle

Are you inquisitive about the new Google Doodle? What is the significance of the metallic touch, electrical science inputs; battery sign, symbols of zinc and copper? Today’s Doodle pays tribute to the 18th century Italian physicist, chemist and electrical pioneer who invented the first electrical battery, Alessandro Volta. Google celebrated Volta’s 270th birthday today on February 18 showcasing his accomplishment.

On clicking the doodle dead battery center play button, it would simply light up the letters in Google and showcase the battery charging. Next click will take you to the top links to Alessandro Volta.

Here is some of the facts we should know about Volta, the man behind the first electric battery:

On February 18, 1745, Volta was born in born in Como, a town in present-day northern Italy
In 1774, he became a professor of physics at the Royal School in Como. A year later, he improved and popularized the electrophorus, a device that produced static electricity.
In the years between 1776-78, Volta studied the chemistry of gases. He researched and discovered methane after reading a paper by Benjamin Franklin of United States on “flammable air”
In 1779, he became a professor of experimental physics at the University of Pavia, a chair that he occupied for almost 40 years
In 1780, Volta’s development of battery reached acme when his friend Luigi Galvani discovered that contact of two different metals with the muscle of a frog resulted in the generation of an electric current.
The experiment with metal alone began in 1794 and Volta found that animal tissue was not needed to produce a current. Later after six years Volta invented the first electric battery, which he showcased a year later in front of Napoleon in Paris.
On 5 March 1827 died at the age of 82 in Como, Lombardy-Venetia

Mark Holmes, the creator of Volta’s doodle writes “The key idea communicated was how the voltage of the battery increased as the stack grew. I added electrical gauges, or voltmeters, which would animate with the stack. I added Volta’s name and the year he invented the battery as typographic elements.”

Source: IndiaToday

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