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Home » News » A real time travel, now at mamallapuram
A real time travel, now at mamallapuram

A real time travel, now at mamallapuram

Travelling… The one of the most lovable parts of my life. New places, new people, old history and the knowledge I gained from those exciting travels will mesmerise me. Yes.. I am blessed to be a traveller in this life.

While planning such kind of travels, the first place flashes into my mind is Mamallapuram in Tamilnadu. But for so many unforeseen reasons, I can’t able to fulfill my desire by visiting this place. But I don’t want to miss this time and I planned my travel plan just only for Mamallapuram, so that I could not miss this time. I learned a lot about Pallava Dynasty through many books (I am a voracious reader), because of them only the architectural history of Tamilnadu begins and their kingdom has been originated from the ancient Tamilnadu.

Mamallapuram simply exceeds my expectations in all aspects. But I found one of the real  astonishing aspect of Mamallapuram by myself and I find no traces of it in any books or on any web pages. So I want to register my experience with the newly found “astonishment”. This posting will be helpful for those who  travels a lot like me and I am proud to be that I am the first person to write a post about this new astonishment of Mamallapuram.

While entering Mamallapuram in my car, I found a guy issuing flyers to every car that crossing the small toll gate. Usually I don’t neglect this kind of flyers (they will be helpful in a new place like this) and I thought this one should be about a hotel or restaurant. But for my surprise that this flyer is about a 7D theater named “Chronicle India”. I am familiar with 5D and 7D theaters, but what attracts me more is that “India’s first Archaeological 7D movie, which tells the historical facts about the great Pallavas and all the historical incidents were authenticated by Archaeological Survey of India.” These lines triggered my imagination much and I would like to visit this theater before visiting any other places and I told my driver to drive to this theater.

Finding the theater in a hard task for us because that theater is not in the limelight yet. If there is a road map on the flyer to the location of this theater, must have saved some time and helpful for me.

I entered into the theater compound. (There are still works are going on at the parking place and I learned the theater has been opened just a week before). At the entrance they issued a notice that tells the movie has been shown in Tamil, English, Hindi and Telugu. I inquired about the timings for the Hindi show, and they said at present they are showing only Tamil and English versions. Hindi and Telugu versions will be shown very soon.

With mild disappointment I took ticket for the English version and waited for the show. I found very few other tourists are waiting for the movie. Finally, the previous show got ended and the viewers came out with some excited and bright faces and their conversation about the movie (most of them in Tamil and I could not understand) kindles my curiosity about the movie and I entered into the movie hall. The very first appearance of the movie hall literally looks like the theaters in the modern day malls.

As they advertised I literally travelled inside the historical period and got immersed into the movie. Mild chair movements as per the visuals, effects like thunder, lightning, wind, rain and the scent of flowers in the movie hall literally blow my mind away.

I felt that the movie has ended so quickly. (Even though it is a 20 minute movie, but I like it should have been 45 minutes)

This 7D technology simply not only amused me, but it conveyed lots of historical data. I went to Mahabalipuram, just to see their life like sculptures, but I learned the entire history of the Pallava Dynasty in a quick span of time. The movie narrated the stories behind the sculptures with animation are simply awesome. I felt that the child inside is still alive while watching these animations. This is an innovative attempt and we should convey our heartfelt wishes to the filmmakers for doing such a unique and wonderful attempt. Those who wants to visit Mahabalipuram should visit this theater very first before going any further for sight-seeing.

What I am trying to convey is after watching the movie, I have visited and saw the sculptures and felt like that the sculptors literally stood by the side and conveyed lots of information about that art form with interesting historical facts.

I felt this kind of amazing creations should be there in each and every tourist spots throughout the entire India. With this question mark in my mind, my travel to the Mamallapuram comes to an end and I returned home with lots of great and sweet memories.

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