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Manam Kotti Paravai Review


Manam Kotti Paravai






Siva Karthikeyan, Aadhmiya

By Moviebuzz

Ezhil’s Manam Kothi Paravai is a rehash of 1990’s formula love stories about the hero aided by his friends falling in love with heroine whose family opposes it tooth and nail. And in the last scene hero is gifted the heroine by her father and other family members.

It is a rehash of Fazil’s Vijay-Shalini starrer Kathalukku Mariyathai. There is nothing new in story or presentation and is as stale as yesterday’s bread. The film is set in a village milieu. Kannan(Sivakarthikeyan) a good for nothing guy who spends his time chatting away with friends. He is an ardent admirer of his next door neighbour Revathy (Aadhimiya), whose father and uncles are local tough guys (all of them spot walrus moustaches).

Revathy likes Kannan but at the same time is willing to marry the guy her father chooses. Kannan a spineless character is shattered and gets drunk, but his battalion of friends in their own ridiculous way kidnap Revathy and take the couple to some hill station in the hope the girls family will reconcile once they are married. It cannot get dumber than this.

The trouble with the film is all characters are simultaneously talking loudly to provide the comedy element. Sadly Sivakarthikeyan ends up with egg on his face, after wooing the audience in Marina and 3. The hero and his friends like in all recent Tamil film have nothing better to do than boozing, playing cards, smoking and always talking about ‘figure’. Singam Puli is so irritating when he yells out at top of his voice.

New girl Aadhimiya looks good but has a single expression throughout the film. The film lacks a cohesive screenplay and hero characterisation seems to be inspired from Vimal’s Kalavani character. Music of Imman is passable. On the whole the film fails to deliver.

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