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8 foods that ward off stress

Stress is in the air, while on the move, we stress over poor road sense of fellow drivers, in office over mounting workload, at parties over surging real estate rates, and round up as impatient listeners at home. But just who is not stressed today?
Experts blame an erratic diet as a predominant cause of stress, which usually spans into snack breaks, tea breaks and more snack breaks. Though we can do better by tweaking our diet chart to include foods that curb stress. Here is a list of eight foods that’ll do the trick …
Yoghurt : Yoghurt works well especially in summer, as it is light and digests easily. Says Dr Shikha Sharma, doctor and wellness expert, “Yoghurt or any dairy product is rich in tyrosine which increases the serotonin level in the brain.” She simplifies this for us, “Proteins increase neurohormone in the brain which eases stressed nerves and calms you down.” If plain yoghurt bores you, try the ready-to-scoop-up, fruit flavoured version. Strawberry, blackcurrant, litchi and mango are some popular flavoured yoghurt. Read Full Story from the Publisher

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