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Home » Health & Beauty » 4 CMC medicos torture, kill monkey, suspended
4 CMC medicos torture, kill monkey, suspended

4 CMC medicos torture, kill monkey, suspended

CHENNAI: Just months after two medicos in Chennai flung a dog off a terrace, another case of horrifying animal cruelty by medicos has surfaced, this time at Christian Medical College, Vellore. Four students of the college allegedly tortured and killed a monkey and buried it on the premises. An FIR has been filed and all four have been suspended.

Chennai-based animal welfare activist Shravan Krishnan, who was informed of the incident by a student of the college, said the female bonnet macaque had wandered into the hostel on November 19. “The four medicos caught her with a blanket, tied her hands and then tortured her in front of other students, beating her with sticks and belts, breaking her legs and jaws, and finally put a rod up her anus and killed her,” he said. The incident happened around 12.30pm. “The hostel general secretary immediately informed the college author ities,” Krishnan said.

Some students contacted Mumbai-based animal activist Meet Ashar who tipped off people in Chennai on November 21. Activists Dinesh Baba, Nishanth Nichu, Shravan Krishnan and Antony Rubin immediately left for Vellore.

“We reached Bagyam police station by 1am and filed a complaint. We, along with the tahsildar, police, forest department officials, veterinarian from the animal husbandry department, and village administrative officer, reached CMC by 12.50pm on November 22,” said Rubin. College administration officials and security were also present.

The monkey’s body was exhumed from behind the men’s hostel. Aged about 11-12 months, it had multiple fractures, its hands were tried behind its back, a telephone cord tied around its neck and a sharp object inserted from the rear. “I have never seen a more horrifying sight in all my years in animal welfare,” said Krishnan. An FIR was filed and cases registered against Jasfar Samuvel, Rohitkumar Yenukutti, Arun Luvis and Aleks Selkaleyal under IPC 429 and the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA), 1972. The bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata), endemic to southern India, is listed under Schedule II (Part 1) of the WPA.

The college has also initiated action. “The incident was brought to my notice on November 20. We tried to get information to verify what had happened and by Monday evening we got it,” said principal Anna Pulimood. On Tuesday morning, the college set up an inquiry committee and a report was filed by Wednesday. “All the four students are being suspended and we have contacted their parents,” said Pulimood, adding that the college strongly condemned the act.


Source: Times of India

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