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3G effect: gaming mkt pegged at Rs 1,500 cr

With 3G services set to drive the consumption of mobile games content, the size of mobile gaming market may multiply by at least six times in next three years to reach Rs 1,500 crore or nearly 13% of the overall mobile VAS market in the country. Currently, the mobile gaming market is just about 3% of the overall mobile value-added services market.

This will be possible as the 3G roll out will push the current 50 million active users of mobile games by 300% to 200 million active users of high-speed data and value added services, says Nitish Mittersain, chairman, Mobile VAS Committee, Indian Merchant Chambers and CEO of Nazara Technologies.

Experts say larger bandwidth, faster download speeds of 3G coupled with rich featured devices having faster processor, larger screen size and more memory will result in an enhanced mobile entertainment experience for 3G users. “One of the biggest segments of VAS to gain will be mobile gaming with an increase in time spent on each game between 3 to 4 times for an average user,” Mittersain told FE. According to Salil Bhargava, CEO, Jump Games, the arrival of mobile 3G will increase the uptake of mobile internet based games. “Gaming will become more persistent. Going forward, features like in-game micro-transactions will also help increase the gameplay longevity and keep the user hooked to the game,” Bhargava said. Read full story from publisher

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