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200 11.11.11 babies delivered in city

AHMEDABAD: It is probably the fanciest date of 2011 and couples across the state were the happiest lot by advancing the birth of their babies to the day – ‘11.11.11’. Interestingly, there were many who timed the deliveries and had babies born at 11:11 am.

From private clinics to government hospital, in the city gynecologists in the city had a field day as roughly around 200 babies were delivered on the day.

“I don’t believe numerology but as the date is rare it’s a great feeling to become father on the day. My wife Shilpa had completed her nine months in November and we decided to get the baby delivered on Friday. We wanted the delivery to happen on 11:01 am and that’s how it happened,” said Dr Viral Vaghela, 31.

For Nayum Bibi, 25, her happiness was doubled as she delivered twins – a boy and girl, at VS Hospital. “Delivering a baby is a special feeling but doing it on rare date just adds to the celebration. I feel blessed and lucky to have delivered the baby on the day,” said Bibi.

Interestingly in Junagadh, excited by the birth of their baby girl on the uncommon date, Javid and Shabana Khan named their new-born daughter ‘Gyarvi’. The enthusiasm to deliver the baby on the day was the same in Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara.

In Surat, 65 babies were born on Friday. Surat resident Poonam Modh, 30, delivered a baby boy at 11 hours 11 minutes and 11 seconds.

“I conceived exactly nine months ago and wanted my baby to be born on the special date. I never knew that my baby would be born on the unique time of 11 hours 11 minute and 11 seconds. I am very happy and will always cherish this moment throughout my life,” said Poonam.

Among the many couples who went for caesarean deliveries was Rajkot resident Prarthana Ahalpara, 25 who delivered a baby on 11.11 am at Wockhardt Hospital. “She planned this because the unique combination of date and year comes once in a century,” said Prarthana’s father-in-law Natvarlal Ahalpara.

Gynecologists had a field day too. “Early in the morning I got a call from a couple who had not registered for a delivery earlier but wanted to time it with the rare date. It was a busy day and anaesthetists were most in demand,” said Dr Supriya Dalal, a gynecologist.

(With inputs from Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat)

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